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At Jewish Futures we are always thinking up new and innovative ways of creating a vibrant Jewish future. Over the past 25 years we have learnt that the best way to create a vibrant Jewish future is to engage ourselves, and the younger generation, in immersive Jewish education. This can happen through trips and in-person experiences, with learning that is dynamic and tangible and, of course, through story telling.

Story-telling is a tool like no other: it conveys where we came from, the values of the past that have shaped our present, and the lessons of our present that will take us into the future.

The Jewish Futures OUR STORY cubes are here to help you tell OUR STORY. They are divided into cubes with images that symbolise the past, images that symbolise the present and blank cubes that are for the future story we now need to build.

Feel free to use the enclosed adhesive stickers to draw symbols on the future cubes and create even more stories.

Whichever way you choose to play, this is a story that must be told!

Purchase a set today and be part of telling OUR STORY!