Welcome to Our Story!

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it’s our story!

Jewish Futures is proud to present three bags of Our Story Cubes, depicting the Past, Present and Future of the Jewish People.

How to play?

There are so many ways to play…

Roll - Look - Tell

Simply take out one set of either the Past or Present cubes, give them a shake and roll them. Choose an era and stay faithful to it for the duration of the game. Select the icon that catches your eye and begin telling Our Story – in your own unique way!

Once upon a time...

Before rolling the cubes determine what era your story takes place in. then Roll the cubes and tell Our Story, making sure you stay true to the era you selected.

Tell our Story Together (Two or more players)

Roll the cubes and then take it in turns to tell Our Story. One player will start the story and then, going clockwise, the next player picks up the story, relating it one line at a time…


Roll out all the dice, place them in order and challenge your opponent to create the most imaginative story possible. The more creative, the better!

Imagine the future

The Future cubes are deliberately left blank with plain stickers for you to make your own contribution to Our Story.


It’s your game, play it your way! The possibilities are endless and the fun never ends!

Our brains are constantly trying to make connections, more often thinking in images, than words.

When we look at pictures we search through all of our recollections and experience and try to find a meaningful association. The icons in OUR STORY cubes are deliberately broad in order to trigger multiple links and associations.

The result… endless fun!